Friday, 13 October 2017

Armies Army sale!

Armies Army don't seem to get as much publicity as a lot of the other 15mm sci-fi companies so I thought I'd mention Keith's 20% off sale which is on at the moment!

I particularly like his BTR290/260 APCs and their variants.  The BTR290 assisted jump frame reminds me of the old BattleTech Kanga jump-tank!

I'd be interested to see how they compare in size to other manufacturers - anyone out there taken any comparison pictures?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

15mm tents on offer!


Red/yellow and blue/green tents in the background.

Alternative Armies (now incorporating have a special offer 20% off their fantastic little tents featured in my recent game report plus free postage for orders over £15!

Small green tents, one damaged!

The offer ends Friday 11th August, so why are you still reading this? Go and buy some now!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Escape from Zombie Camp!

Having purchased some very nice tents from, I decided that my home-brew Escape from Zombie Island game needed a change of scenery for our next Scout Games Day.  Stand by for... Escape from Zombie Camp!

3 Patrols of Scouts are camping at an activity centre, but what's that rustling in the trees?  2 groups of camp staff are also present.

The staff in the camp admin building are the first to notice something isn't quite right...

This seems an opportune time to take an overview of the situation.

The girls' Hedgehog Patrol (Linda Pistol, Wendy Shotgun and young Bobbi Yellowtop) have a small camp site top left, though at the moment they're hiding in the nearby toilet block.   Fighting off some zombies results in both Linda Pistol and Wendy Shotgun sustaining leg injuries.

Next are Woodpecker Patrol (Micky Axe, Joanna Satchel and Vincent Dreadlocks).  Near them are the abseiling towers occupied by the activity instructors (Alan Moustache, Isabel i-Pad, Old Eric).  A little further is the big green mess tent and opposite that are Spider Patrol's tents, where Stacey Redjacket, Naomi Stetson and Billy Box have been camping.  Right in the far corner of the site is the admin block where the other camp staff ( Vincent Chainsaw, Melanie Camojacket and Albert Cap) are gathered, though by this point they've rushed out and jumped into the digger.

Spider Patrol sneak around, using the big mess tent and trees for cover.  Can they find anything useful in their tents?  Uh-oh, looks like one tent has already been visited by the zombies!  Woodpecker Patrol tip-toe behind the trees nearby.

Meanwhile, activity instructors in the abseiling tower have got a .22 rifle and pistol from the shooting range with which to defend themselves.  They decide to draw the zombies towards them and pick them off one at a time.  After all, they'll be safe up that tower.  Right?

Disaster!  The combined efforts of the zombie horde knocks over the tower!

The instructors decide to try and climb/jump across to the next tower.

Sadly Isabel and Old Eric prove incredibly clumsy and plummet to the ground!  Isabel is dead, Eric badly injured.

Sensing fresh meat, the zombies close in for the kill.  How fast can the injured elderly abseiling instructor hobble?

By the look of things, not as fast as the zombies can lurch.

Elsewhere, the camp staff from the admin building have got the digger started and plough their way through the oncoming zombies.

Sadly they're too late to help Old Eric abseiling instructor!

Attracted by the noise, zombies swarm towards the digger.

The admin team have a cunning plan!  Vincent Chainsaw crashes the digger into the side of the toilet block, blocking the route of a substantial zombie horde.

The nearest Scout Patrol, Spiders, dash for the cover of the toilet block.

They bring with them some of the supplies they've recovered from their camp site.  Hurry up Billy Box, don't get left behind!

By now, Woodpecker Patrol have caught up with the admin staff.  They try to get the tracked landrover started.  But where have Spider Patrol gone?

They get the engine running, but which way to go?  One of the staff, shoots at the zombies - but all this noise is attracting more!

Additional zombies close in...

Alan Moustache is trapped and alone in the abseiling tower, ammunition running low.

The landrover rumbles onto the road and towards freedom!

But by golly those zombies are fast!  Attracted by the loud noise of the vehicle, more and more begin to emerge from the surrounding woods.

They close in.  Gunfire from the vehicle attracts the zombies ever closer!

Oh no!  The horde overwhelms the landrover, their combined strength overturning it and tossing the Scouts and admin staff from the wreckage!

Stunned from the fall, they stagger to their feet, only to find themselves virtually surrounded!

Closer to the camp site exit, Bobbi Yellowtop has pulled ahead of her injured companions but is confronted by yet more zombies.

Alan Moustache attempts to climb out of the abseiling tower to get a shot at the zombies - but slips to his death!  Vincent from the camp staff wields his chainsaw but a zombie slips past and his fate is sealed.

Melanie Camojacket manages to slip past the zombies before they close around the others.  There is now no escape...

In a grotesque feeding frenzy, the rest of the group are devoured.

The injured members of the girls' Patrol are unable to outpace the zombies.  Soon, Linda Pistol falls beneath their twisted, rotting claws.

Surely Wendy Shotgun cannot evade the zombies for long - but in a last heroic effort, she leads them away from the youngest Patrol member.

The zombies from the carnage around the landrover close from the other direction.

Even more can be seen in the distance beyond the landrover!

The inevitable happens.  Wendy is caught between the 2 groups of zombies and torn to pieces.  But has her brave sacrifice given Bobbi a chance to escape?

Pursued by the ever-growing horde, Bobbi sprints desperately for the road out of the camp site - and makes it with seconds to spare! She is safe - hoorah!

Meanwhile, Melanie Camojacket has circled back round to the opposite end of the camp site to avoid the zombie hordes.  She decides to check out the storage sheds.

Looks like one of them contains an RPG!  This proves useful in killing a few more zombies but the loud noise attracts others from all over the camp site.

The shed next door also proves tempting - but anyone involved in a zombie apocalypse should know better than to open a door with a biohazard marking on the door.  Zombies spew out and overwhelm Melanie!

And thus ends Escape from Zombie Camp!

Bobbi escaped, as did Spider Patrol, who ran off the other end of the games area.

Figures from GZG, Rebel Minis and
MDF buildings (WCs and admin block, storage containers, watch towers) from Mad Mecha Guy
Storage sheds by Britains (farm yard pig sheds!)
Trees from Woodland Scenics (deciduous) & Heki (evergreens)
Vehicles mainly Matchbox re-paints
Hills & games mat home-made

Disclaimer - the events depicted in this game report are entirely fictional and are in no way based on any real people.  The UK Scout Association does not endorse the use of RPGs on camp sites and does not approve of Scouts bringing hatchets and pistols, shotguns and other small arms to any activities.  Scout Leaders are not expected to abandon their Scouts to zombies at the first sign of trouble.  Melanie Camojacket deserved to get eaten for running off and leaving the others.  So there.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Poorly computer, poorly car...

Well, my computer has decided that its keyboard is only going to work about 5% of the time, which has rather delayed any further blog posts.  Today is the only ocasion that it's worked first time in over a month!  To make things worse, the USB adapter on my spare keyboard has stopped working too.

Fortunately I'll be able to collect my spare spare keyboard from my parents' house in a couple of weeks.

Added to that, someone managed to drive into the back of my car, which wrote it off, so much of my spare time has been spent trying to sort out a replacement.

All this means that my plans to get back to my old number of blog posts (50-60/year) aren't going as well as I'd hoped, though at least my 2017 total has already surpassed 2015 and 2016 combined!

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.  More Oldhammer to come plus some 15mm projects.  Sneak preview of a 15mm zombie game report below...

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Bricks! Adapting Linka for 15mm - part 3: painting.

With assembly complete, it's time to start painting.  I've used mainly Inscribe craft acrylics with Vallejo acrylics for a few extra colours.

Paints at the ready!
My painting procedure is as follows:

1) Base coat of Vallejo cold grey and inscribe taupe.  This gives a nice cement-coloured finish.  For future buildings I'll probably just use taupe with a few drops of black added, this gives a similarly grey-brown colour.  It doesn't matter if the ratios vary between batches, this will add variation in colour which will be more realistic.

Basic cement coat complete

2) Brick coat of Inscribe burnt umber.  I use a wide, flat brush, wiped diagonally across the bricks with the bristles almost parallel with the surface.  This coats the bricks well but leaves the recessed cement lines showing.  Because this was a quick trial run, I didn't take the usual care when plaster casting so there are a number of bubbles in the bricks of the larger building which are more noticeable once painted!

Basic brick coat complete

Brick coat detail.
3) Pick out individual bricks in different shades by adding Inscribe black, burnt sienna (terracotta) or caramel (yellow-brown) paint to the base colour.  It's a random scattering of bricks across the building.  As always, click on the pictures if you want a close-up.  Apologies for the variations in colour, these were photographed at different times under different light sources!

Note wonky doorway on left!


Click for close-up.

Click for close-up.
The wonky doorway on the ridge roof building is even more noticeable when viewed next to the flat roof building!

Wonky doorway even more noticeable here!
This being just a quick proof-of-concept trial, I haven't worried about filling the gaps between the trimmed window sections.

Trimmed window a better size for 15mm.

Another trimmed window - note the gaps!

Brick variation detail.

4) Paint window frames white.

5) I decided that one of the buildings would have a site number on the side.  I printed out the number in 72-point Impact font which is nice and chunky.
Font size selected to fit building.
The number was carefully cut out with a craft knife to create a stencil which was folded around the wall and secured with a small piece of masking tape.

Stencil carefully cut out.

Stencil in place, lined up with bricks.
 Originally it was going to be on the smaller building but I realised that it would help hide the aforementioned bubbles in the wall of the larger building!

Changed my mind!  Use it on this building instead.
 Vallejo stonewall grey was stippled through the stencil followed by a further stippling of white.  This gives the effect of some of the paint being paler and slightly worn away.  The stippling was quite rough, the incomplete coverage adding the effect of wear and tear.

Stencil completed.

 The roof was painted in burnt umber with a few black tiles for variety.

Roof base colour.

 A heavy drybrush of burnt sienna gives a nice terracotta finish.  A few drops of caramel yellow was added for the final highlight.

Terracotta drybrush.
Part 4 will involve constructing a base for the buildings.

Completed Building 19.